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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing a convenient high quality services that you can rely on in the comfort of your own home. We know popular perceptions about the contraction of head lice are inaccurate. Moreover, discussing the topic of head lice is taboo,until and unless directly faced with the nuisance. therefore we deliver services you can rely on - the first time.

Despite common misconceptions, the good news is, as professionals certified in and actively practicing the Shepherd Method approach to treatment and prevention of head lice, licepatrol.org ensures compassionate professionalism while we make sure the loss to ADA school funding and instruction downtime to students and teachers is minimized.

We must deliver high quality work to earn your trust, and that is why our professional services and customer satisfaction ratings are unmatched. Our approach is also geared to dissipate the social stigma that is often perpetuated in the community, and the myths about head lice. As a result, we humbly appreciate the opportunity to provide our clients with a host of head lice intervention and resolution services, as well as the occasion to educate the school community on prevention methods that empower and benefit all stake holders in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The contraction of head lice cuts across all social-economic boundaries, no one is immune. A thorough  effective treatment the first time is a key step in the elimination process and prevents the spread of lice to others.

Through our workshops we provide the tools, knowledge and know-how that every parent, teacher, childcare professional, or guardian should know.

Being environmentally conscious we are committed to using an organic approach through the step-step process of screening, treating, contraction management and education to ensure the best and most reliable organic outcome from beginning to end.

For each head in our hands, the outcome is success the first time

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