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Whether working one-on-one on personalized family in-home lice treatments, or a key participant in the whole school approach to head lice prevention and treatment,  licepatrol.org, is regarded as the most trusted for lice prevention, head lice information and treatment services.

For parents and caregivers, the challenges of dealing with head lice are unnerving, frustrating and time consuming. For school administrators and educators faced with classroom pressures, endless financial cutbacks, pink slips, budget cuts, and more work to do with less time to do it, we are committed to providing the very best head lice service to ensure administrators have affordable access to the tools that swiftly and surely support their school' lice prevention measures.

As a parent, getting the dreaded call from school: "I'm afraid your child has lice please come pick up your child ASAP," is quite the humbling experience. That's when the 20 questions begin: "but, how did this happen? We're clean people! So, who else has this? Who did we get this from? Now what do I do? Who can help us? What do lice look like? How do I get them out? How many are there? Oh dear there are 100s. Are they alive? Do they crawl or jump? Do they wash out? Are they in the bed? How do I know if they're all out? What if they come back? When can my child go back to school? Does anyone else in the house or in the class have lice? This is insane! When will life ever be normal again!"

These were the questions that mother, Martina Mitchell, first asked when faced with the same problem. Martina also found schools struggling without answers or resources for parents and adequate head lice services were lacking in the Bay area. This myriad of additional issues, both social and mythical, as well as the stigma associated with head lice, led to questions about who on staff is knowledgeable and has time enough time to successfully address the problem.

Moreover, if things weren't already bad enough, with school cutbacks and budget woes, the last thing schools need is the loss of funding, or valuable instruction time, and lower average daily attendance (ADA) due to student absenteeism from head lice infestations and transference.

On an individual basis, it takes a matter of hours to intercept and prevent lice from spreading. Lice services follow an organized screen detect process which literally and swiftly take the legs from under the bug - guaranteed. So, when it's time to figure out what to do next, where or who to turn to for help - call 415-608-8336 or visit us on line at www.liceservices.com or www.licepatrol.org.

The job is tedious and time consuming and much more difficult to the untrained eye.That's why we provide we a full range of head lice services beginning with a whole school screening approach to our mobile in-home personalized lice treatment services - bringing total effective and efficient head lice elimination to your family so your child can return to school and you can resume your life, in a matter of hours.Leave brain surgery to the experts. Leave head lice prevention, treatment and eradication to US you will be glad you did.



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